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Servicing your outboard motor

Without a doubt, winter is the perfect time of year for servicing your outboard motor. A visit to our workshop in this period comes with great benefits for both of us. You will (hardly) be using your motor and we will have plenty of time to perform the necessary service or repairs to satisfaction. Also during the boating season our activities in the store and transport can be quite demanding. As a result, we might need more time to have your motor ready, which means you get to spend less time on the water. 


It is impossible to let you know the exact costs beforehand, for there are too many variables. However, we can present a comprehensive offer of the expected service/repair charges. You may request a quote by email and we will make sure a detailed offer is sent your way as soon as we possibly can. Service and repairs are two different things, which is why prices only apply to motors that are in good condition and without problems. For solving problems and also for all additional work extra costs will be charged.

Please find our labour costs below. Components are not included in the service prices. To ensure the best quality we use nothing but original components provided by the manufacturer of your motor. 

We will make no secret of our services and also we will make sure to discuss all work in detail. By keeping all old components we hope to explain all of your repairs to satisfaction.

How we proceed 

Minor service

  • Refresh oil in tailpiece
  • Lubricate all pivots 
  • Flush the carburettor and fuel pump
  • Empty the fuel system and built-in tank 
  • Check/set the switch mechanism
  • Trial run and adjustment in the test tank or with earplugs
  • Conserve the block system on the inside (for winter storage)

and for 4-stroke engines

  • refresh engine oil
  • clean/change lubricant filter

Major service

See minor winter service, plus:

  • Check/change sparking plugs and also check the ignition*
  • Check the cooling system
  • Clean/change the anode(s)
  • Check the engine block for fuel and water leak
  • Disassemble/assemble the screw, grease the axle 
  • Decarbonise the cylinders on the inside

and for 4-stroke engines: 

  • Check/adjust the valve clearance * check the geared belt



Mantenance outboard engine

 Engine Power
       2-Takt           4-Takt    
    Small turn
  Major turn
  Small turn Major turn  Fault analysis
2-5pk € 85,00  € 155,00 € 95,00 € 175,00 € 50,00
6-19 pk € 99,00  € 175,00 € 125,00 € 215,00 € 50,00
20-49pk € 125,00  € 240,00 € 155,00 € 255,00 € 50,00
50-99pk € 175,00  € 310,00 € 190,00 € 350,00 € 50,00
100-199pk € 250,00  € 390,00 € 255,00 € 450,00 € 50,00
200-350pk € 270,00  € 450,00 € 290,00 € 495,00 € 50,00


Compleet test report Suzuki 2pk - 350pk                             € 50,00


*Maintenance charges include VAT (21%) but excluding nesessary parts required during a turn.

*Maintenance is not a repair, this is also the reason why the rates apply only to engines that are in good condition and free of trouble.

*When we repair the failure of the test report the costs for the test report will expire.

*Winter turn is in the price of maintenance excluding any parts.

*Rates are valid for engins up to 15 years. For engines older than 15 years, the price is based one the above table.

*On engines over 15 years, we do not guarantee maintenance or repair.


Workshop Rates

  Excluding VAT    Including VAT
Hourly fee                                                             € 55,00       € 66,55


Repair Pumps

We also repair your pump (submirsible pump suction pump ect ect) We always repair these one base of a tender.