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Besides marine supplies (safety equipment, paint and non-paint, cleaning agents, tools, ropes and steel wire ropes), Scheepvaartwinkel Marine also supplies Total, Mobil, Shell, Castrol and BP lubricants.


Lubricants on location

By utilising a mobile pump, Scheepvaartwinkel Marine is able to deliver lubricants at any location desired. Scheepvaartwinkel Marine is Total, Mobil, Shell, Castrol and BP dealer of high-quality lubricants. All our vehicles are equipped with a system to pump the lubricants directly into your ship. In the Netherlands, delivery of our lubricants is free of charge.

In addition, Scheepvaartwinkel Marine is a partner and official dealer for all the lubricant brands mentioned above. We can also offer support for lubrication charts and guarantees.

For prices or more information, please contact us.



Download the complete Total product range

Download the ANAC oil analysis


Lubricants in Vienna

Scheepvaartwinkel Marine is also the supplier for lubricants in Austria! In cooperation with Komp GmbH we supply Total, Mobil, Shell, Castrol and BP lubricants. We also stock these brands in Vienna to ensure quick delivery. Naturally, lubricants can also be delivered on board at other locations. Please contact us for more information.


Certified servicing station

Scheepvaartwinkel Marine is a certified servicing station for (automatic) lifejackets. You can have all leading brands such as Marine Pool, Plastimo and Besto inspected and serviced.

This servicing will take several days, each lifejacket will be thoroughly inspected according to a strict procedure. Each approved or repaired lifejacket gets a certification.

Depending on the season it will take anything from two days to a week to service a lifejacket and of course it cannot be used during that time. Servicing a lifejacket costs €22 (excl. VAT and any material costs) at Scheepvaartwinkel Marine . Please contact us for a customised offer if several lifejackets have to be serviced. Call +31 (0)26 445 65 97 or fill in the contact form below. If necessary we collect the lifejackets on board and return them when they are ready.

Scheepvaartwinkel Marine is also the right place for new lifejackets. We carry such brands as Besto, Marine Pool, Secumar and Besto in stock, but we are happy to look into alternatives should you require anything specific. We specialise in large quantities and offer special prices accordingly.